This past weekend, I got to shoot at a wedding that WELKES did.  I was shooting flowers for the shop and various odds and ends.  Check out my favorites below.


It's Brooke!

This morning, I did Brooke's senior pics! Despite being a bit windy and cool, as well as some tricky wooden stairs, we were able to get a great set going. Below are some of my favorites.  The full set of proofs can be found on  WEBER IMAGERY INSTAPROOFS   <---click that link   (under "brooke senior pics"


a few pics

Biked on down to One-on-One today to finish up my photo final. Below are a few from the morning


the in-process work of my final project

For your viewing pleasure...For my final photo project, I am shooting the Minneapolis Bike Culture in many different ways.  I decided to do this, since it is something I will definitely miss about the cities, when I have to pack up and head back after graduation. Anywho, these aren't finals, but just some fun eye candy. enjoy


BMW in the VW

My new self portrait...taken this morning! Enjoy


Chuck and Tacy

I was lucky enough to spend my afternoon today with Chuck and Tacy.  They are getting married May 23, So I needed to do these extra special, and fast! Fortunately the weather cooperated and we all had a great time! Congratulations you Two!!!